Communication. Care. Culture.

The last several months have continued to evolve at a rapid pace in the Recruiting World!  Companies are hiring and the competition has grown significantly.  Employees and candidates have the upper hand in the job market.  Many of our clients are struggling to hire quickly, while also experiencing significant turnover.  Being in a virtual world enables employees to interview easier and companies are willing to pay more and provide more value to an individual who is not happy, or merely “comfortable” in their current role. 

Communicate well.  Listen to your employees.  Provide feedback to candidates during the interview process.  Provide detail about what to expect during the interview process.  Stay in touch and get to know who you work with.

Care. Support your employees.  Are they fulfilled?  What do they want?  Are they “satisfied” or happy?  Could you be doing more as a company, a manager, a colleague?

Culture.  What does your environment consist of – respect, fun, collaboration, challenge, innovation, stability?  Do you love the people you work with, the products you provide? 

We talk to a lot of clients and read a lot of about how to impact an individual in the workforce.  A couple recent articles from the Harvard Business review discuss the impact of feeling valued and respected to create a culture of trust.

What does your company offer and how can we help?  NOBLE Recruiting believes every company has the opportunity HIRE and RETAIN talent.  Go back to the basics: Communication, Care and Culture. 


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