NOBLE Recruiting is a business and technology recruiting company, providing personal and efficient recruiting services. We know our clients. We know our candidates. We work hard to bring you together.

The idea behind Noble Recruiting is to provide the best service to both our clients and candidates. To make the experience as efficient and honest as possible, while getting to know all parts of the process. Employment and management consists more than just people. It includes knowledge, emotion, personality, trust, compromise, success and failure; among so many other things. Our goal is to get to know all of that and connect the right people.

We are an experienced boutique recruiting company with more than 17 years of industry experience in the Greater Seattle and outlying areas. We rely on quality, not quantity. Work hard, work efficient and raise the bar.


We provide Recruiting Services for contract, contract-to-hire and full-time placement needs for technology and business professionals. We work with all sizes of companies and we get to know you. We offer start to finish services from building a job description, to interview, to onboarding and client and candidate relationships. We are with you every step of the way.

Additionally, we offer Recruitment Advisory Services to companies who are looking to refine or review the recruitment process within your organization. We can help you write job descriptions, attract better talent, refine an interview process for better success and assist in a positive recruitment process for you and those you interview. You want every candidate to have a great experience with your company and we can help you manage that process, so you have the most effective people where you need them. This service is offered as a fixed service fee and will be customized based on your specific needs.


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