Many Seattle and tech industry professionals have been impacted by layoffs and reorganizations.  It’s a great time to stay connected, network and assist those impacted by a layoff.  Connect with your acquaintances, stay informed and engaged.  It’s a time to regroup and face the reality that the job market is changing.  Change can be good.  For so long, the tech industry has been competitive with large organizations paying high salaries and unprecedented signing bonuses.  For many smaller organizations, the change allows for a better playing field.  Additionally, companies are in a position to require some in-office presence and reasonable salaries.  Seattle is now required to post salary ranges and it remains to be seen how that will impact the job market.  There is still a lot of positive to focus on.  The housing market could be starting to recover as Redfin reports bidding wars continue for home buyers indicated in a recent article.  Funding continues as a number of companies announce transactions as reported by Tech Crunch.  While we need to remain vigilant in safeguarding our personal and professional lives, it’s important to see the positive as well!


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